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I know, you have heard it all when it comes to investing in a new LIFE in Costa Rica. But what we have to offer you is like NOTHING ELSE you have ever heard before.

Why you ask? Because I have researched this country for over 20 years before building here, and now I can finally say I have MADE IT. I am now (having only relocated within the last two years from a depressing lifestyle in the states), living a lifestyle currently that most people only DREAM OF. Now I work on living my life, and Not working to live.

So, if you want some one to lie to you, cheat you, or scam you, or you are some one who enjoys doing so to others PLEASE do not reply. I have found a place where honesty and goodwill is abundant and I CAN and WILL show you what I have accomplished, where other Realtors and many Builder’s can not.

I am sure you have heard all the great reasons to want to live in Costa Rica like the following:

  • No military
  • Very stable country and government
  • That foreigner’s can own property here equal to those born here
  • Great health care and education
  • Inexpensive to live (in comparison with many other places).
  • Taxes are low
  • You can have someone clean and cook in your home for $2/hr!
  • Utilities are low
  • All of the above are true.  I know, because I live here and enjoy so very much more here than all of the above.

You have probably heard it is dangerous, well any big city in the world can be dangerous and if you flaunt your valuables, you can be a target anywhere in the world. The properties I have to offer are NOT in a big city; yet you can reach San Jose the countries capital and Costa Rica’s international airport within an hour and a half.  And only 30 minutes or less to one of the major surfing or beach destinations here.  There is so much to offer here where I am located, there are waterfalls, horseback rides, kayaking, hiking, a national park and views that are easily 5 dimensional.  And there is a small growing community of fun, easy going, English speaking foreigners from Canada, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. already residing here.

What I have to offer is so unique and so pristine, with fresh air, and a community so safe that you can walk the streets at night without a care in the world.

You believe it to be HOT in Costa Rica, right?   Air conditioning is not even necessary here, a ceiling fan and an open window is more than you need to keep cool and it is only 15 kms from the beach!

Personally, I don’t need to work.  But I LIKE to work and my passion is assisting serious buyers in finding properties anywhere in Costa Rica; but I believe wholeheartedly in this very special community which I have made my home.  Most likely it will appeal to all your needs, as it is a growing community that is sure to be worth your investment!  It took me over 15 years to find THIS paradise, within the paradise of Costa Rica and for this reason I ask two things.
1. That we meet in another location first where I can see if this is the sort of community that would meet your needs.
2. That you sign an exclusive agreement with me as your Exclusive Realtor, as I am not prepared to waste your time or mine if you are not serious about working with me. Because I have invested so much of my time and money to find this area, befriend those who live here and to acquire some of the best property investments in this entire country, if not the world (as I have also traveled most of it) I need to know that you are serious. And if not now, like myself, that you have every intention of purchasing in this magnificent country some time in the future.

I am from Montana originally and am as honest and as friendly as they come.  I can arrange accommodations and activities for you while you are visiting here as well, having been a wholesale tour operator in a past life as well.

Even during a crisis situation this is one of the few growing communities that has seemed unaffected by the economic downturn.  There has been recent construction going on and the property values here are increasing on an average of over 13% per year conservatively speaking, more depending on views, size, etc.  However some owners have decided to sell for LESS than the majority (most are holding to their prices),  so there are some great deals to be had that only recently came on the market!

If you are tired of watching, or feeling engulfed in the depressing headlines with regards to the current state of the economy and the political climate in Washington and the rest of the world, give us a call!  We will be happy to put that smile back on your face, allow you to breathe life again, without the worries, and learn to enjoy your life to the fullest once again.  Ask yourself, ”What would THIS be worth?”  Don’t hesitate, I promise I can make this happen for you, promise me in return that you are a serious about purchasing and will adhere to my two simple requests.  Then it will be a win/win for both of us, and this is the best way to do business.

Note:  We ONLY deal with titled properties.  We have a professional bilingual lawyer that will be assisting in finalizing all sales and can set you up easily with a new corporation that is solely yours to provide a totally safe lifetime property transaction.

We can also offer you: Accommodations and reliable builders!
Accommodations: Large NEW Room for TWO with Queen Size Bed and Shower with HOT water! $50/per night Secluded and Romantic!

Tuscan like Agritourism in Costa Rica! SEE, FEEL, EXPERIENCE the REAL COSTA RICA of days gone by….. that few ever get to! We are also a short drive away through primary and secondary rain forest to one of the most popular beach destinations in all of Costa Rica which has nightlife, nightclubs, casinos and more if you wish this too!  All  within 15 kms or less!

The experience of staying with us in a modern country type accommodation Tuscan style, which is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Italy is to be able to enjoy this type of architecture which we have tried to recreate! Like Tuscany, we here in Costa Rica, can offer numerous fun activities with a similar feeling of being in a rural relaxing, safe environment, fun, sun, beach close by and….All  we have mentioned are within 15 kms or less! (Check out our day tours of activities listed below on our home page for photos and prices!)


*A farm tour which can include horseback riding

*Surfing and surf lessons

*A hiking tour of a Costa Rican National Park nearby

*Crocodile, canopy and waterfall tours

*Mountain biking

*Birdwatching, some of the best viewing from our own patio

*ATV tours

*Snorkeling, boat trips, botanical gardens and more!

Breathe in the magnificence of this much desired destination that has mountain fresh air and temperatures that allow you to sleep soundly without the need of air conditioning!

Much of the setting includes spacious farms with exotic trees of every kind available in Costa Rica.  This zone is unique in that it is the only place in the country where the wet rain forest, meets with the dry rain forest so one can see, feel, breathe almost every type of variety of species of plant and animal wildlife to be found in Costa Rica,  and only in this one area! Make this your vacation getaway today.  And if you enjoy it, you may want to invest in a property here as soon as possible before it is found out about, as it has been known to be an undiscovered area -even to the local ticos (nickname for Costa Ricans)! Once it is discovered, the property values will soon become out of reach for many because we are so close to everything with ALL the benefits.  Only meaning a great investment for those who make the move to check this area out now.

OPENING SPECIAL:  There is no pressure to purchase anything…just let us know you are here only for the area and tours and we won’t mention anything about real estate, unless you do first and want us to answer questions about it.  However if you do come here to check out property, and you do purchase property from us, your stay will be complimentary and on us!